For the modern-day adventurer

So no, not a literal bath.


At Earth Elements we know that Mother Nature is our best medicine.  Now more than ever we as individuals and communities can greatly benefit from slowing down, unplugging from technology and intentional spending time in the outdoors.

   Whether connecting with nature is new to you or you're a scientist, biker, camper, beach comber, park goer, athlete or artist,  nature is abundant and provides beauty and balance for us all. We just need to learn to slow down, listen and connect.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku, is a Japanese practice of tuning into our senses through time and connection with nature. Spending time in nature, daily, is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, boost our immune systems, restore our mood and vitality and ignites creativity and joy.


Join us as we engage with the elements of our earth through mindfulness, curiosity and play. Gain tools to help tune into your senses cultivating balance and grounding through a more meaningful connection with nature. Soak in the native flora, fauna and natural history along the way to help create a sense of place within the wild and sacred landscapes of the Salish Sea. 

Forest Bathing is not only about the health of ourselves but the health of our Mother Earth. The more we cultivate a more meaningful relationship with nature, the more we develop a deeper love and respect for her and all she provides. 


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