For the modern-day adventurer

So no, not a literal bath.


At Earth Elements we know that Mother Nature is our best medicine.  Now more than ever we as individuals and communities can greatly benefit from slowing down, unplugging from technology and intentional spending time in the outdoors.

Forest/Nature Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku, is Japanese practice of tuning into our senses through time and connection with nature. Spending time in nature daily is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, boost our immune systems, restore our mood and vitality and ignite creativity and joy.

Weather you're new to spending time in nature or an avid outdoor enthusiast, join us on a slowed down hike through the wild and sacred landscapes of Bellingham and The Salish Sea to quiet our minds, soothe the soul and rejuvenate happiness in your everyday life.

Nature Bathing is not only about the health of ourselves but the health of our Mother Earth. The more we cultivate a more meaningful relationship with nature, the more we develop a deeper love and respect for her and all she provides. 


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