exploring the art and healing within mother nature

So no, not a literal bath.


At Earth Elements we know that Mother Nature is our best medicine.  

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku, is the Japanese art and practice of simply slowing down in Mother Nature.


Spending time in nature daily, is proven to reduce anxiety and depression, restore our mood and vitality, boost our immune system, and reignite creativity and joy in our everyday lifestyles.


As we let nature lead the way, we'll practice gratitude and grounding by tuning into our senses and soaking in the natural environments surrounding us.  We'll make intentional stops to connect with native history, feel the salty breeze of the sea, smell ALL of the wildflowers, listen to the seasonal songs of the migrating birds, and of course forage a few seasonal snacks along the way. 

No matter if your relationship with Mother Nature is as a new friend, a technical hike, a walk in the neighbor park, painting, snowboarding, fishing or science, nature bathing provides nourishing practices to cultivate a deeper, more meaningful connection with her.

Plan on 2 hours for this experience.

Custom tours available.


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