This is a full day adventure!

Combine the best of both worlds as you spend one full day of mindful explorations within the wild landscapes of Salish Sea.  Beginning at the beach for low tide explorations to discover purple sea stars and painted anemones and then on to a curious and wandering hike through the forests of GIANTS.  Learn about and soak in the natural history and native flora & fauna along this adventure through the winding trails of the beautiful Chuckanut Mountains.  We will make stops along the way to explore waterfalls, fresh water lakes and views of the majestic San Jaun Islands.  From giant Banana Slugs beneath our feet to the lush, draping mosses of these 300 year old forests to the Bald Eagles and Great Horned Owls above our heads, you will not regret this hike! You definitely won't want to forget your camera for this days adventures.

Full-Day Hiking Experiences

The Chuckanut experience 

The wild and scenic landscapes of the Chuckanut Mountains provide an abundance of unique and extensive trail systems.  Combining  the best of both worlds from the seas edge to mountain peaks that over-look the San Juan Islands we customized tours to give you the best of both worlds.  From the tidepools on the rugged coastline we'll discover the life thats uncovered with the pull of the tides. The Salish Sea is home to more than 3000 invertebrates including purple sea stars, red rock crabs and giant green anemones.


As we head up the mountain and into the lush, old-growth forests we share the trails and fern gullies with giant banana slugs and owls and wander by waterfalls, through fields of wildflowers and around fresh-water lakes. 


With view points of the San Jaun Islands the entire way we will make stops for epic pictures and picnics along the way. These tours are designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired to cultivate a more meaningful relationship with Mother Nature. 


    * Delicious local catering options available.                        



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