Prescription for Parkscriptions
                       Wednesday Walkabouts
     10am-11am , 12pm-1pm & Sunset 5:30pm- 6:30pm
        Hundred Acres Woods ( Chuckanut Family Forest)
                        donation of 5-10$ kindly accepted
Heading 6
Spending just 2 hours per week in nature is proven to decrease daily stressors, helps to combat depression and anxiety, revitalize energy, increase focus and concentration and ignite creativity and joy. So, take some deep breaths, slow down and join me on a guided, one hour wander through the hidden trails of the Hundred Acre Woods. Through mindfulness and adventure we will explore, practice and gain tools to help tune into our senses to create a deeper, more meaningful connection to self and nature.
Parkscriptions is a program partnered with Recreation Northwest that pairs health care providers to prescribe time in nature to help promote healthier lifestyles.


Call or email Earth Elements to book an outing today.

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