Tide-pooling & Beach Combing

Stroll the beaches and explore the tidepools of the Salish Sea. Open your mind and expand your senses into the extraordinary world of sea life that is revealed with the pulse of the tides.   This unique experience is only offered once or twice a day (depending on the moon and tides) so pre-booking is encouraged!

Guided Hiking

Embark on a soulful wandering adventure as you follow your heart through the coastal mountains overlooking the Salish Sea and majestic San Juan Islands.  Deeply connect from the ground to the sky as you consciously engage your mind and senses on this one of a kind hike in one of our favorite places in the PNW. This hike is intended to inspire a deeper and more meaningful relationship with nature and self through adventure, curiosity and mindfulness.

Sunrise & Sunset Veiws

Begin or end the perfect day out in nature with a sunrise or sunset tour. These hikes are specifically chosen for vantage points that give you a beautiful view of the San Juan Islands in the changing light of dawn or dusk. We personalize these experiences to all levels of hikers.

Forest Bathing

Unplug from technology and life's daily grind.  Tune into and bathe in the atmosphere of the sacred and awe-inspiring landscapes of the great Pacific Northwest. Gain tools to help engage your senses in finding connection, balance and healing from the elements within Mother Nature. Join us for a customized private or small group session.  Forest or beach sessions available.

Salt Water to Fresh Water

Discover all the hidden secrets of the Salish Sea ecosystems with Earth Element's' full-day tour options. Start by exploring the beaches and tide-pools, then head upstream (after a deliciously catered lunch break) to wander through moss draped coastal forests,around waterfalls and fresh-water lakes with views of the San Jaun Islands the entire way.  


Call or email Earth Elements to book an outing today.

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