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       Connect with Nature



Exclusive to guests of the 

Join us on a custom guided hike along the shoreline trails of the wild and sacred Chuckanut Mountains. From sea to sky connect with nature like never before and experience tide-pooling, lush old-growth forests, engage with native flora&fauna and take in views of the majestic San Jaun Islands the entire way. 

At Earth Elements we know that nature is our best medicine and now than ever we need to disconnect from technology and breathing recycled air to revitalize our connections with Mother Nature. Science has proven that spending just 2 hours weekly in nature boosts our immune systems, promotes overall peace of mind and stokes our creativity, sense of play and happiness. 

Reservations required

During COVID-19 please call or email to reserve your space

60$per person

*tours depart from Larrabee State Park


We cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts

 Plan on 3 hours of fresh coastal air 

*Earth Elements is strictly adhering to Covid-19 restrictions and require guests to follow our guidelines as well.

*Space is limited to 6 persons per hike

*please bring adequate food and water to keep yourself energized the entire way

*Transportation and WA State Parks pass

not provided

*Parks pass can be purchased for 10$ in the park day-of or REI ahead of tour

*Private tours available

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