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What to know:


Where in the world is the Salish Sea?!












Tour Duration: Trip length varies depending on your choice of tours, the location, and on request.

Discover Pass: Required for State Parks use, and a great way to support public lands. Day/Annual passes available at WA/OR State Parks for or at local REI location.   REI.com 

Don't Let a Little Rain Stop You: Changing weather is part of the PNW experience. The lush flora and fauna you came to see depends on it and the forest canopy acts as a natural umbrella. Expect trips to proceed even with mildly inclement weather.

Cancellation Policy: Please give us 72 hours notice for cancellations. A $25 dollar deposit is non-refundable for any cancellation.

We Got You: Proudly certified in NOLS Wilderness First Aid and ARC CPR. 

What to Bring:

Water: Bring at least two cups per person, per hour to stay properly hydrated. Do your part for plastic-free seas and remember to use your reusable water bottles, please. The ocean thanks you.

Reef-Safe Sunscreen: Protect yourself and support our leave-no-trace efforts by applying sunscreen labelled as reef-safe!

Appropriate Clothing: Check out the forecast before you go, or check with your guide. Light layers allow for flexibility in changing weather, and rain gear can double as wind protection.

Hats and Sunglasses

Small Backpack: Keep your hands free for balance (and photo ops) by carrying a small pack.

Camera and Binoculars: There is lots to see, near and far! Straps are HIGHLY recommended for optical gear.

Snacks and Meals: Bring enough high-energy food to keep you going for the duration of your chosen trip, or order ahead from our catered options...

Catering Options: Local, organic and delicious. Choices from some of Bellingham's best (Surfrider Foundation approved) Ocean-Friendly restaurants. Vegetarian, vegan and GF options always available!   nws.surfrider.com