Women's Trail Series

Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm

 July 7th through Autumn 2021


Welcoming all people identifying as Women

space is limited, pre-registration is required

Are you new to town,  just passing through, or a long-time local who's curious to get out and explore the abundance of trails and shoreline that Bellingham  offers, but not sure where to begin, or just feeling the pull for more adventure ?  
We invite you to join us on a guided hike, each Friday, to connect with Mother Nature like never-before. 
Along the way we'll 
*discover new trails
*practice trail technique, safety & navigation
*introduce you to Forest Bathing
*identify native flora & fauna
* gain knowledge into sustainable foraging 
* play in the tide-pools
*build confidence & community
*and so much more!!
    We are never in a rush to the destination.( deep breathing, snacks, and photo-ops with purple sea stars and giant banana slugs are just a few of our favorite ways to take it all  in)  Hikes vary between easy to moderate terrain, please call or email with any questions.