Earth Elements is a Bellingham based, eco-friendly, guided outdoor experience company.  Through elements of adventure, mindfulness, education and stewardship, we create experiences that allow people from all walks of life to slow down, explore and discover the magic and connection within the wild and sacred landscapes of the Salish Sea. We are passionate about igniting curiosity, promoting healthier lifestyles and reconnecting you with play in the outdoors.  Join us year-round for customized guided hiking, forest bathing, sunset beach walks and tide-pooling explorations.

tide pooling + beach walks

Exploring where the land meets the sea. From sea stars to sea vegetables explore and discover the magical and sometimes hidden ecosystems that thrive with the tides of the Salish Sea. 

guided hiking

Wander from the edge of the sea, through the giants of the forest, to fresh-water lakes and beyond as you enliven your mind and senses in the diverse wild of the Pacific Northwest. 

full day = salt H2o to fresh H2o

Combine the best of both worlds as we spend one full day exploring the natural wonders of the Salish Sea. Begin by tidepooling at the seas edge and then continuing up the  mountain to a hidden, fresh-water lake with views for miles.

sunrise and sunset walks

Wake up or wind down a perfect day with breathtaking views of the majestic San Jaun Islands. These walks are customized for your choice of beach or mountain  views.

what to expect: prep and gear list

 Where is the Salish Sea? How much h2o       should I bring? Where can I get a         Discover Pass? Should I bring a rain     jacket? What's for lunch?

forest bathing

 Slow down, unplug from technology and life's daily grind.  Connect with nature through mindfulness, curiosity and play to help revitalize energy, relieve anxiety and boost creativity. 

women in the wilderness

New to the area, visiting, or a local wanting to get oriented and feeling confident out in the abundance of trails and shoreline surrounding Bellingham and the Salish Sea?! 

          Guided walking meditations,

                   full moon hikes,

            women in the wilderness,

          sunrise & sunset walkabouts

                 good excuses to gather


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